About Me

I am an indoor gardener. Houseplants are a way to bring the outdoors inside all year around. While I also garden outdoors, my preference is house plants. Outdoor gardening feels like trying to put a puzzle together while the picture on the cover of the box keeps changing. In comparison, with houseplants the picture changes very little, as I can control the amount of light and water and location. There are no weeds to pull. Moving a plant is as simple as lifting the pot and carrying it somewhere else. Changes in seasons have some impact in caring for house plants, but minimal.

I do not consider myself an expert on house plants, but I have some experience. And since my houseplants generally thrive, I must have more than luck in my thumbs. My intention with this blog is to share some tips on how to care for a variety of plants that I own. I also plan to throw in some thoughts about life, as inspired by plants. Maybe ask a few life questions; I have more questions than answers.

I live in rural Ontario, in the Niagara Region. Besides houseplants, my interests include writing, encaustic painting and reading. In regards to writing, I enjoy writing both poetry and fiction. My website for my novel, The Secret Bookstore, is here www.thesecretbookstorenovel.com. I share poetry on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/visible.poet/. I don’t generally write about house plants, but I am a nature-based poet.

I would like to say that I own a dog, a Jack Russell Terrier. But truthfully, he owns me. Together we take many rambling and happy walks through the countryside. His nose is generally to the ground, smelling a thousand and one scents. I have my eye open for interesting birds, insects, flowers, trees, cloud formations… Wide open spaces, distant horizons, is a good way to give the eyes a stretch. (Not literally of course. My eyes aren’t on elastics stretching from out of my head. That would be a bit ghoulish.) But they get a work out. How often do we look far into the distance? The area I live in, Wainfleet, is relatively flat, so it makes it easier to look far off.

I read a lot. Some of my favourite discussions with friends are about books we have read. Probably half of what I read is fiction and the other half is non-fiction. The most recent book I read as of October 2020 is Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. Another of my hobbies is thinking about meaning and purpose in life…

What do these things have to do with house plants? Everything, of course. Once I start observing, I see the pattern in the web of my life interests. Some of the connections may be revealed through blog posts.

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